Title: Nitric oxide as a noble drug for the treatment of COVID


In the prevailing coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID) times, scientists are eager to develop vaccine against COVID-19, and careful measures are being taken to develop an effective drug. Meanwhile, several antiviral compounds have been repurposed for the COVID-19 treatment, and drug repurposing has yielded satisfactory results. In the meantime, NO is also under clinical trials to find its potentiality as anticoronavirus. This work aims to describe the therapeutic potential of nitric oxide (NO) for the treatment of deadly (COVID-19). As, the cytokine storm has been mainly found concerned with the uncontrolled deaths in the COVID-19 apocalyptic times. The co-morbid deaths along with other fatalities have urged medicinal researchers to seek for emergency drugs/medicines to fight this dreadful disease. Nitric oxide therapy is one of the prominent therapies being eyed as the efficient option for treating coronavirus infected persons. Therefore, keeping in view the natural involvement of NO in immune system, antiviral (anticoronaviral in special) implications and the significance of NO in mitigating the COVID-19 associated symptomatic complications, this work addresses the noble treatment of nCOVID using NO as a drug. So, the profound antiviral effects of NO against coronavirus, and also the role it plays in relieving symptomatic severity of COVID-19 are supportive of the fact to declare NO as a therapeutic option for this disease.