Healthcare trackers, wearables and sensors

Because the future of medicine and healthcare is intimately linked to patient empowerment and individuals taking charge of their own health through technology, I couldn't leave out health trackers, wearables, and sensors from my list. They're fantastic tools for learning more about ourselves and regaining control of our life.

I use the Fitbit Ionic to log my workouts and monitor my sleep. I supplement it with the Polar H10, which I use with my trainer to fine-tune my workout programs and identify the optimum exercises for my ability. The Muse headband greatly supported me in locating the most important elements that I require for a successful meditation session.

Whether you want to better manage your weight, stress, cognitive abilities, or overall fitness and energy, there is a device for all of these needs and more! The beauty of these new technology-driven gadgets is that they truly put patients at the centre of care. These technologies enable people to take charge of their health and make more informed decisions by allowing them to monitor their health at home and communicate the data with their physician remotely.

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