We are at the beginning of the nanomedicine era. Nanoparticles and nanodevices will soon be used as precise drug delivery systems, cancer treatment tools, and tiny surgeons.

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute designed scallop-like microbots in 2014 that could literally swim through your bodily fluids. Small, smart pills, such as the PillCam, are already being used for noninvasive, patient-friendly colon exams. MIT researchers developed an electronic pill that can be controlled wirelessly and can relay diagnostic information or release drugs in response to smartphone commands in late 2018.

Smart patches are another example of how nanotechnology is progressing. Grapheal, a French company, demonstrated its smart patch at CES 2020, which allows continuous wound monitoring and its graphene core can even stimulate wound healing.

As technology advances, we will see more practical applications of nanotechnology in medicine. Future PillCams could even collect biopsy samples for further analysis, while remote-controlled capsules could make nano-surgeons a reality.

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