Revolutionizing drug development

Currently, the process of developing new drug is time-consuming and costly. However, methods ranging from artificial intelligence to in silico trials can be used to improve drug development. Such new technologies and approaches are already dominating the pharmaceutical landscape and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Companies such as Turbine, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, and Deep Genomics are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to develop new drug candidates and novel therapeutic solutions in record time and accelerate time to market, all while saving money and lives.

In silico drug trials are another promising healthcare technology. Individualized computer simulations are used in the development or regulatory assessment of a medical product, device, or intervention. While current technology and biological understanding do not allow for fully simulated clinical trials, significant progress has been made in this field with organs-on-a-chip, which are already in use. HumMod, or the “most complete, mathematical model of human physiology ever created,” is used in a number of research projects. The Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) Institute has also created virtual models that are used to study heart diseases and osteoporosis.

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