Preventive Medicine and Chronic Diseases

Chronic disease crisis is an enormous risk around the globe currently, which has been achieved by danger factors that are preventable.
Chronic disease is a disease that proceeds over a noteworthy period of time. Chronic disease can hinder independence and the strength of individuals with disabilities, as it might create extra movement limitations. Persons with chronic disease frequently think that they are free from the infection when they have no symptoms. Having no symptoms, however, does not necessarily mean that chronic disease has vanished. Chronic diseases will in general grow increasingly normal with age. Chronic diseases in developed nations comprise cardiovascular diseases, stroke, arthritis, heart attacks, cancer (colon and breast cancer), obesity, diabetes, etc.
The good news is that chronic disease can be prevented or controlled through 1) regular participation in physical activity, 2) eating healthy, 3) not smoking, and 4) avoiding extreme liquor consumption.

Sub- Tracks

•    Chronic Disease and Poor Health
•    Chronic Disease Management
•    Chronic Disorder

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